Keynotes Sample

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A Pleasant Surprise

Maybe it was just coincidence, maybe it was chosen by demographics, or maybe the Internet browser utilized my cookies to pick the right ad for me. But no matter what caused it, the initial reaction of seeing your name and your work on an advertisement that you didn't know it was out there is surreal. I did a double take and immediately "ctrl+prt sc". I had to save what I just saw and make sure I wasn't imagining things. After sharing with family and friends, I still take in the excitement of this pleasant surprise.

For those who got distracted by the headline, Coaching Futsal appears on the banner above the headline and beside it.

Flirting with Top Ten

    One of our works has been getting close to the top ten position in its category on Amazon. Coaching Futsal has reached all the way to number 14 of Soccer Coaching Best Sellers. However, statics are updated frequently, and just as quickly as we move up, we also move down. The picture on the left was taken in the morning of February 17th . It shows that Coaching Futsal was 17 under soccer coaching category. Skip just 24 hours ahead, and you will see the picture on the right. From 17 to 56 in just a day. It is an exciting roller coaster with the sales numbers. Flirting with Top Ten gives us the expectation that a few major purchases will propel us to the top. When that happens, if you search Amazon for soccer coaching books, Coaching Futsal will be one of the first books you will see. Would you like to be a part of the thrill? Spread the word about Coaching Futsal, and keep an eye on the Amazon rankings!

A Blog but not a Blog

Maestri Books does not intend to blog about its books, or to create blog like content for frequent posts. It is our goal to establish a home to bring together all the different links, social media, and sales channels. You may see some updates as we link this page to other accounts and as noteworthy news come up. We will be working on adding features to our new home, so share with your friends and family, and come visit Maestri Books again.

Maestri Books in the Blog World

What originated as a simple way to utilize social media to promote personal works quickly grew beyond the simple self-promotion. Maestri Books has now published 5 books, and is currently planning two other works.

After attempts at various webhosts, we are now expanding to Blogspot. Maestri Books is looking to establish its virtual home. As marketing efforts call for a web presence outside of Facebook, we are excited to dip our internet toes into blog waters.

Welcome to this new phase!